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Dr. Jay Garlitz
President, Connected World Internet Ventures, Inc., www.cwiv.com
E-mail: drjay@cwiv.com

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 www.PartyingPlanet.com and www.PartyInYourCity.com
These are parked to bring links for those in need of information about
major party and vacation destinations on the planet including hotels and businesses

If you are interested in domain rental, domain development, or franchise opportunities
for these domain contact Dr. Garlitz at drjay@cwiv.com

European Cities include:

Asian/Pacific Destinations include:

North America and USA cities include:

College and Spring Break destinations include:

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Other domains that currently link to services and are available for domain lease rental or development are:

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 Dr. Garlitz's  Biographical Information
Interactive Curriculum Vitae

Place of Birth: Miami, FL
Born: Oct. 25, 1958
Place of Residence (since 1982): Hawthorne, FL


 Web Sites written, designed and maintained by Dr. Garlitz (click to view)

Central District Dental Association of Florida
  Marion County Dental Association  
The Gator Dental Associates, PA
Hawthorne Florida Community and Chamber Web site
  Help Kids Smile  
  Alachua County Dental Association  
Jewish Council of North Central Florida
Connected World Internet Ventures, Inc.
Gator Amateur Radio Club at the University of Florida

        Online and Multi-Media Lectures by Dr. Garlitz           

Using the Internet as a Dental Resource and Practice Builder
Using the Internet as an Adjunct to Clinical Dentistry
  The Internet Comfort Zone: Technology, Terminology, Research and  Resources  
  The Impact of the Internet on your Clinical Care  


Articles written by Dr. Garlitz for Professional Journals

Biotechnology, Dentistry and Technology Transfer
Dentistry 2010 or Pulp Fiction?
What you should know about the Y2K problem
Profile from Today's FDA March 1999 issue
Dentistry and the World Wide Web
Ten Top Reasons to Embrace Computers




  • Amateur Radio, AA4FL, Licensed since 1973, Extra Class License, Awards include Worked All States, DX Century Club (100 countries) and VHF/UHF Century Club for 6 meters

  • Computers, Basketball and Music 

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