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Dustin Bradley Garlitz

Connected World Internet Ventures,  PO Box 2001, Hawthorne, FL 32640

(P) 954.464.9430                   E-mail: dustin@cwiv.com

| Web Projects and Domains owned | Personal/Professional Background Music CV

Web Jazz Related Projects

-current and under development.  Many of these sites are parked and offering links to businesses related to the potential site theme as listed.  Contact me at dustin@cwiv.com if you would like to lease or develop the domain and theme.  Franchise opportunities are available.

www.jazztalent.com: jazz talent - a destination for record deals.  Showcase your talent an d get your band signed!

www.jazzable.com: jazz-able - a destination for jazz bookings and gigs

www.jazzfuture.com : jazz future - a source for jazz yet to come

www.jazzgalaxy.com: jazz galaxy - a galactic local for jazz destinations

www.smokinjazz.com and www.smokingjazz.com: smoking and smokin jazz - a source for hot jazz 

www.jazzsucks.com: jazz sucks - a source for contemporary music sites - Jazz symbiotic but radical in theme - counterculture

www.partyintheusa.com: Party and Vacation in the USA birthplace of jazz

www.PartyinEurope.com :Party and Vacation in Europe and attend countless jazz festivals

www.partyinneworleans.com: Party and Vacation in New Orleans, Louisiana, birthplace of jazz music and jazz culture

www.partyinnewyork.com: Party and Vacation in New York City, jazz capital of the world

www.partyinthevillage.com: Party and Vacation in Greenwich Village amongst the many jazz venues in the NYU vicinity

www.partyinsanfran.com: Party in San Francisco, California  home to the San Fran Jazz Festival and kissing cousin to the Monterey Jazz Festival

www.partyinchicago.com: Party and Vacation in Chicago, Illinois and listen to jazz and blues

www.partyinsavannah.com: Party in Savannah, Georgia and listen to the jazz of the South

www.partyinnewport.com: Party and Vacation in Newport, Rhode Island during the Newport Jazz Festival

www.partyinmontreal.com: Party and Vacation in Montreal Canada during the Montreal Jazz Festival

www.partyoncarnvial.com and www.ladyinertia.com: Sources for electronic music sites

www.connectedworldmusic.com & www.connectedworldjazz.com: We are connected worldwide and share a love for music and jazz

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Lets Get  Philosophical

www.philosophyofmusic.com: Philosophy of Music Cultural Studies of Music

www.philosophyofjazz.com: Philosophy of Jazz Cultural Studies of Jazz

www.philosophyculture.com: Philosophy of Culture Popular Culture Music Movies Media

www.music-philosophy.com: Music Philosophy Big Ideas about the origins of music

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Educational Experience:

Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts (New York, NY), 1999-2003
B.A., Liberal Arts (Social Inquiry: Economics), 2003

  • 2002 UNH Cambridge Summer Program at Gonville & Caius College (UK)

  • Fall 2002 Senior Thesis written under the direction of Alice Rivlin

  • Independent Studies with Lance Taylor and Alice Rivlin

  • Seminar Discussion with Bob Kerrey, moderated by Lance Taylor, December 2002

University of South Florida (Tampa, FL), 2005-present

M.L.A., Liberal Arts (Social and Political Thought), 2007

  •           Thesis: "Philosophy of New Jazz: Reconstructing Adorno", defended April 30, 2007

  •           Committee: Stephen P. Turner (Major Professor), Ofelia Schutte, Maria Cizmic

  •           Summer 2006 Directed Research under Stephen P. Turner

Ph.D. student in Philosophy, 2007-present

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Professional Experience:

Personal Musical Performance CV

Connected World Internet Ventures, Inc.
Present Position: Vice-President and Head of Entertainment

Previous Positions: Head of Entertainment (2003-2004)

New York Consultant (2001-2003)

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Artistic Experience:

  • B.F.A. studies (Performance track) at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (New York, NY), 1999-2001

  • Private Studies under David S. Ware, Charles Gayle, Jane Ira Bloom.

  • Performances with Charles Gayle, Cecil Taylor, William Hooker, Trevor Dunn, Hotlinkz

  • Masterclass and Student Improvisation Ensemble Performances with Reggie Workman, William Parker, Butch Morris, Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor

  • Lead Organizer: Matthew Shipp/ DJ Spooky Vision Festival Performance (2000), William Parker Creative Music Workshop (2000), Joanne Brackeen Student Improvisation Ensemble (2001)          

  • Featured in New York Daily News on April 21, 2001; Listed in New York Press Entertainment Section on March 24 / April 22, 2002 and August 10, 2000; Listed on NYC’s “Art Attack!” located at www.jazznewyork.org during April 2000 and March 2002; Listed on France’s www.jazzvalley.com for performances in 2000, 2001 and 2002

  • Selected Venues and Institutions performed at: New York University, George Washington University, One Step Down (Washington, D.C.), The New School, Sixth Annual Arts for Art Vision Festival, Downtown Music Gallery, Tribes Galley, The Knitting Factory, The Pink Pony, The Right Bank Cafe, Angel, The Brecht Forum, The Lenox Lounge, Turtle Bay Music School 

  • Albums as a Bandleader or Co-leader:

  • Dustin Garlitz Quartet: Spirits Within, 2004 (Connected World Music) www.cdbaby.com/garlitz

  • Dustin Garlitz, Mike Pride, et. al.: Two Trains, Fast and Slow, 2000 (Novel Design Co.) www.mikepride.com/recordings

  • Band Member:

  • S.M.I.L.E. (2000-2002)

  • Digital Amoeba Collaborative (2000-2002)

Professional Affiliations: Jazz Journalists Association - Gainesville Friends of Jazz and Blues - American Philosophical Association (Student Associate Member)

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